NO Cost

  • No cost at all
  • Only benefits

NO Effort

  • We organise EVERYTHING
  • We bring all materials
  • We install in advance
  • We clean-up afterwards

See the benefits…

More Clientele

  • Groups: 10 – 30 people
  • During off-peak hours
  • Choose your schedule:
Weekdays: Tues – Fri
We suggest btw 17:30 y 20:30
  • Only for adults 18+

More Sales

  • Attendees drink while painting
  • Events last 2 hours
  • They may stay after an event


  • We organise in advance
  • We bring everything needed:

canvasses, easels, paint, brushes

  • We install half an hour before


  • We cover tables with PVC tablecloths 
  • Each participant receives an apron
  • We tidy-up after events conclude
  • Cleanup: 15 – 20 min afterwards


  • We take care of advertising for events
  • We provide what you’ll need to promote events in your establishment, including:


  • We handle TICKET sales online.


Advertising for your establishment on our website: an image, practical info, short description, and a link.