What is stencilling? Part III

We provide all the materials you’ll need for stencilling


Stencils can be held in place with your hand or with tape.
If the stencils are small, it’s best to hold them by hand.
If the main stencil is large, it’s better to hold it with tape.


Arte y Copas uses acrylic paint.

1. Saturate the brush with paint
2. Remove excess by rubbing it on a rag.
The brush should be almost dry.
4. Paint consistency should be kept creamy.
If it’s too runny, paint may seep under stencil edges.
6. Allow the paint to dry between layers.
Acrylic paint dries fast.
This allows you to work quickly between layers.

Rags & Sponges

Stencilling brushes are round and rigid.
They have blunt ends for dotting softly.
At Arte y Copas events, each participant receives:
1. stencilling brushes
2. background brushes
3. detailing brushes

Rags & Sponges
We give rags & sponges to each participant.
They’re used for applying, spreading & blending.
Play with tones…
Concentrate colour in certain areas.
Diminish intensity in contrast areas.

Arte y Copas is about having fun…
Play with colour & enjoy an afternoon or evening with art while having a few drinks.
It’s a party; A paint party.

Don’t worry about technique.

Stencilling is so easy that even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush in your life you’ll create a unique work of art.

If you need help, every event has an artist to guide you.

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